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Reason and emotion: A Note on Plato, Darwin, and Damasio If reason and emotion affect decision-making, which matters more Posted, Reviewed, How should we properly meaning both philosophically and scientifically think of the relationships between reason and emotions, There are three enduring, The rule takes as a given that emotions interfere with rational decision-making. This neat-and-tidy distinction between reason and emotion comes up all the time.Reason is infinitely more powerful than emotion if we make proper and conscious use of it. It allows us to regulate the emotional response. It leads us to, Key points. Emotions and feelings are not the same thing, despite people using the words interchangeably. Emotions are real-time data sparked by sensations in the body. Feelings can be more biased. Anger may cause disgust, envy, torment, suffering, sadness and disappointment. These feelings may result in loathing, envy, torment, agony, despair, But in a new book, The Power of Ideals: The Real Story of Moral Choice, renowned moral development experts William Damon and Anne Colby take aim at views that claim morality is largely driven by, There’s a Time Bomb in Progressives’ Big Supreme Court Voting Case Win. By Richard L. Hasen: Justice Elena Kagan won the battle;
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